Led by special effects designer Steve Boyle, FORMATION EFFECTS brings together a diverse team of creatives and technicians who love what they do everyday – creating practical and visual effects. From concept design to fully executed prosthetics and suits, we are excited to push the boundaries of practical effects by creating compelling characters and worlds that will continue to inspire storytellers in years to come. And if you want that extra OOMPH to your practical effects, we have an expert team of VFX compositors and 3D animators available to take your vision to the next level.

Formation Effects is a creative hub for artists and filmmakers to collaborate and bring concepts to life beyond expectation. We are a fun bunch who are not only experienced but excited by every opportunity to make something special for our clients and the productions we are thrilled to be part of.



Working with some of the biggest names in film and television, Steve Boyle has built a reputation for world-class standards in Special FX production within the industry. Focusing his early career in Creature Design and Special Makeup Effects, Steve jumped on blockbuster productions like Star Wars and The Matrix Trilogy. From there, Steve headed up the Special Makeup department as Supervisor in New Zealand at Weta Workshop for five years. With over 30 years experience in Special FX and a few awards under his belt, Steve’s passion has driven him to build the creative team at Formation Effects.

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